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Port special economic zone «Ulyanovsk» ( SEZ "Ulyanovsk")

Established in accordance with the Government decision of December 30, 2009 num. 1163 «On establishment of port special economic zone on the territory of the Ulyanovsk region» and Agreement of January 30, 2010 num. 1102/ОS/D25 on establishment on the territory of municipality » Cherdaklinsky District» Ulyanovsk region port special economic zone.

Total area


Currently, SEZ «Ulyanovsk» is the one special economic zone of port type,
bordering with the territory of the international airport «Ulyanovsk-Vostochny»

All kinds of transport infrastructure are available in SEZ "Ulyanovsk"

There is the possibility of re-export of goods

SEZ territory is adjacent to the airport , connected to the air apron by taxiway, there is also a railroad and automobile road with access to the federal highway

The activity of SEZ "Ulyanovsk" is recognized as effective by annual assessments of the Ministry of Russian economic development

SEZ "Ulyanovsk" is a leader among the most investment-attractive Russian SEZs due to the rating of AITC of Russia

SEZ «Ulyanovsk» is in the top five in the group of the 2nd belt (sites located in the zone up to 120 km from the centers of economic growth of Russia and up to 250 km from Moscow and St. Petersburg) of the rating of investment attractiveness of SEZs and industrial.

Joint Stock Company SEZ 'Ulyanovsk'

Established on August 26, 2014 for implementing effective management of the port special economic zone in the Ulyanovsk region.

Functions of a management company

Involvement of potential investors

To the development of production, warehousing and trade activities on the territory of SEZ

Cooperation with the residents

Organizational support for the activities of residents


Design and construction of SEZ infrastructure facilities


Management and maintenance of engineering, transport and other infrastructure facilities of SEPZs

The mission of the company

Promotion of implementation of the Government policy concerning attracting of investments, employment creation and assist in the development of the real sector of the economy, production of scientific and technical products, import substitution, formation of new areas of economic development and social growth in the region

Company's management

Nepochatov Oleg Aleksandrovich


KarpovAlexander Anatolyevich

Deputy CEO for Construction and Maimtenance

AbdullaevAndrey Sabirovich

Head of the Resident Support Department

SurovOleg Evgenievich

Head of the Finance and Economics Department

KilchinskayaElena Alexandrovna

Chief Accountant

ChernenkoStanislav Vladimirovich

Head of logistics organization department

Skalkina Olga Aleksandrovna

Head of the Department for Attracting Residents

SysoevaOlga Vladimirovna

Head of the Property and Legal Department

MylnikovaNatalia Evgenievna

Head of Analytical and Legal Department

GorshunovaOksana Vladimirovna

Head of the HR Department

AlukovRamil Rinatovich

Head of Operations

GlebovSergei Pavlovich

Chief Power Engineer

MajorshinAlexei Alexandrovich

Industrial parks Manager

Information about SEZ "Ulyanovsk" (updated: May 11, 2022)

Photo of Mr. Oleg Nepochatov, CEO

Mr. Oleg Nepochatov, CEO

Board of Directors

Razumkov Vladimir Nikolayevich

Chairman of Board of Directors

Chairman of the Government of the Ulyanovsk region

Alekseeva Marina Evgenievna

Member of Board of Directors

First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Ulyanovsk region

Zontov Nikolai Vasilievich

Member of Board of Directors

Minister for Economic Development and Industru for the Ulyanovsk region

Shirmanov Alexander Vladimirovich

Member of Board of Directors

Deputy CEO of JSC SEZ ‘Ulyanovsk’

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